rise of the eldrazi prerelease

So yeah, I did 2 sealed events, midnight Friday and Saturday morning (hooray 3 hours of sleep!) and got 4 of the same rares in both pools :/ On the plus side, 2 of those rares were Nirkana Revenant and Realms Uncharted, but the other two were Splinter Twin and Hellion Eruption. Beyond those, I got Sphinx of Magosi, Spawnsire of Ulamog, Consuming Vapors, and Recurring Insight. Both events I went 2-2… this format is like, the swingiest of the swingy formats, since you can be hands-down winning, and then get completely blown out by Eldrazi Conscription or Lord of Shatterskull Pass or something ridonkulous.

After the morning sealed yesterday, I did a Two-Headed Giant event with a friend. We made a pretty good set of decks, I think, red/green and blue/black, both with removal and the ability to create spawn tokens and a few Eldrazi. I played the red/green, doing mostly ramp and backup removal while my partner played the early-creature deck. We had some pretty scary bombs in our decks, Kargan Dragonlord, Guul-Draz Assassin, Sphinx of Magosi, as well as a lot of good removal; I had 2 Flame Slashes, 2 Spawning Breaths, a Staggershock, a Brimstone Mage, 2 Vent Sentinels and an Overgrown Ramparts, and 2 Snake Umbras for pinger card advantage, he had a Corpsehatch, 2 Narcolepsies, 2 Last Kisses, Induce Despair, 2 Cadaver Imps (infinite blockers!), and a Mnemonic Wall. We went 3-0, getting to Narcolepsy 2 Eldrazi titans, an Ulamog in the first match and a Kozilek with Drake Umbra in the third match.

We almost made a huge huge play mistake in the second match. We had been holding on at 5, 3, then 1 life for about 5 turns (which is forever in 2HG), getting the Cadaver Imp blockers on their only flier. They had a Hedron-Field Purists with 1 level, a Makindi Griffin, an Ulamog’s Crusher, and some random dorks. We had 2 Vent Sentinels, the Battlement, a level 3 Brimstone Mage, some spawn tokens, a Mnemonic Wall, the Cadaver Imps, a couple Sea Gate Oracles, and a Hand of Emrakul. One of our opponents with 4 spawn tokens laid a Wildheart Invoker (can give a creature +5/+5 and trample for 8 mana) with 4 lands untapped. In response, we had to kill the Griffin by using an Induce Despair for 3 plus my Brimstone Mage (we couldn’t kill it all game because of the Hedron-Field Purists, and I just leveled my mage up last turn). After that, they attacked with the team, 7-8 creatures. We start panicking because “Oh crap, they can give any creature +5/+5 trample and just rape us! Shit, we should have waited on killing the flier, then we could handle anything they targeted by killing it in response…” We sat there for about 10 minutes in despair, just looking at the board. The whole time, our opponents just sat there looking at us intently and looking at each other, whisper-whisper.

10 minutes later, my partner is like “Wait a minute… I think we can block this.” Me: “There’s no way we can block all 8 with a buffer of 5 so that they can’t trample over.” “But they have to sacrifice all 4 tokens in order to give trample, we don’t have to block them.” “…” “Holy crap, we got this!” Sure enough, somehow we had enough beef on the table to soak up 30-ish damage over 4 creatures without any holes. They were at 11 life, and we had the 2 Vent Sentinels plus the Brimstone Mage and a Cadaver Imp, so we could deal 6 damage with the Sentinels before our turn, then do it again after we untap (with the creatures they were attacking with, only 1 Vent Sentinel would die), so we only had to survive that turn. WHEW, good thing we caught it in time instead of just conceding.

So, the hint of the day, unless it’s something ridiculously overpowered like Eldrazi Conscription, is to just play it out to the best of your ability and maybe you’ll at least survive another turn. Don’t lose to on-board tricks. I’ve got another Sealed and 2HG today, so hopefully we’ll win even more packs! Charge!


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