bw allies ftw?

Just won a draft at the work-club draft. On paper, the deck looks a little odd, but it definitely worked out very well.

2 Ondu Cleric

2 Makindi Shieldmate

2 Bojuka Brigand

1 Join the Ranks

1 Hada Freeblade

1 Agadeem Occultist

1 Steppe Lynx

1 Kor Aeronaut

1 Kor Skyfisher

1 Kor Sanctifiers

1 Apex Hawks

1 Hideous End

1 Windborne Charge

1 Journey to Nowhere

1 Iona’s Judgment

1 Quest for the Gravelord

1 Bloodchief Ascension

2 Grim Discovery

1 Nimbus Wings

9 Plains

8 Swamp


I wish I could get this kind of deck at FNM :( Being a collector, I’m quite fond of those FNM foils.


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