first step towards magic world domination

This li’l fella was my MVP yesterday, running 4 main in my Boss Naya tweak over Lightning Bolt. Being only my 3rd Standard tournament, I made quite a few play mistakes throughout the day, including a pretty abysmal performance in the 8th round that could have led me to getting into the Top 8. I at least redeemed myself a little by only making 1 bad play in the last (9th) round to squeeze into the top 16 out of 281 to win a box of Worldwake.

I was in Magic mode from 7pm Friday all the way through 11pm last night and had zero meals during that time period, and we were in road-trip mode from 6am Saturday through 1:30am Sunday. I’m still recuperating from that (although my back isn’t constantly aching now, which is a plus), so I’ll get into the dirty details later today.


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