slackin’ on the updates

Well, I haven’t gotten any new updates on the item guide in a while. There are a few reasons for this:

1. MMS in Chicago this weekend: I’ve been doing a lot of playtesting and deck research, and haven’t really had time to put into getting much further in 13.

2. Steam: Borderlands was on sale last weekend, and I got hooked on Torchlight when I actually had time to sit down and play it. Those games have taken up at least 10 hours that otherwise would have been spent on the PS3.

3. Work: Just getting hammered, making me spend a little more time than I’d like staying late and then not feeling in the mood to play.

4. The end game sucks: In order to beat some of the fights without spending 20 hours grinding CP, I had to spend a lot of my components upgrading. I thought it would be easy to farm Perfumes from Sacrifices in Edenhall and Orphan’s Cradle, but apparently, even without a Connoisseur’s Catalog equipped, I’m getting on average 3 Scarletites for each Perfume that drops. WHAT THE CRAP. So, I finally had enough gil to buy my first Trapezohedron yesterday, but now I don’t have any money left to by the components needed to get my weapons up to star level. And I still can’t beat most of the hard stuff; Adamantortoises still kick my ass royally, and this is with Combat Clinic. Blech.

Anyway, I might spend some time playing on Sunday after the tournament, so hopefully I can record more info. I already have some updates I could upload, but it seems kind of piddly and I’m a lazy bum, so you’ll have to wait.


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