blog stats: march 2010

Since 75% of my time spent on my blog is looking at blog stats, I figured I’d start sharing them with you guys. So, I’ve created an original Blog Stats logo, just for the occasion!

If you’re thinking to yourself “This picture has nothing to do with blog statistics,” you’re absolutely correct! I just randomly decided to use it. Maybe I’ll do a different picture every month, but if I’m lazy I’ll just keep reusing this one.

So I created the blog on March 2nd, 2010.

2,867: Number of pages viewed (including the home page) in March

99: Average page views per day

1: Fewest page views on a given day (March 6) (summer wars subs)

455: Most page views on a given day (March 30) (412 views for final fantasy 13 item guide)

2,285: Page views for the top page (final fantasy 13 item guide)

19: Most visits linked from the same site (

15: Most clicks to an external link from my blog (

43: Search term with the most hits to my blog (ff13 item upgrade)

65: Number of posts made this month

14: Tag with the most posts (final fantasy 13)

20: Category with the most posts (video games)


That’s about all I got, can’t think of anything else that is captured by WordPress. Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed the stay!


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