So, if you watch anime or read manga, you’ll be familiar with face faults, which are the over-dramaticized facial features or “emoticons” used to convey a character’s feelings or perspective over words or expressions. Some of the big ones are the giant sweat drop, the giant red “bulging vein” cruciform, sleep bubbles (see: Wasted Talent #31).

Traditionally, the “sparkle” is used when a character is being especially attractive, either saying something really cool, really romantic, or flashing a beautiful smile. However, in parody manga and anime, it’s also used a lot in the extreme opposite sense: to denote that characters think they are saying something cool or making a cool pose, but no one else sees it that way.

Anyway, Isumi is probably my favorite sparkler (?), because she’s super cute and has such innocence about her own ability.

Here’s another one, although it’s more about Nagi and Ayumu about to do something really stupid than saying something cool, hah.

I MSPaint'd this to read left-to-right, you lucky people you

PS: Here’s Isumi sparkling in the anime! Subs by [SSEclipse] :)


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