search terms review

I don’t think this exactly falls into “sociology,” but it probably gets close. I’m pretty interested in statistics-related stuff, so it tickles me to no end to look at what you all use to find my blog. Here are the top search terms since I’ve started this blog. For easy viewing, I’ve marked the typos :P

However, my FF13 upgrade FAQ seems to be getting the most hits. I hope it’s useful! If there’s any information not on there that you think I should include, feel free to leave a comment. I’m working on it at my own pace, but I’m more likely to add new stuff at a request than on a whim :)

ff13 weapon upgrade 15
ff13 upgrade 6
ff13 weapon upgrades 5
ff13 upgrading weapons 4
ff13 weapons upgrade 4
final fantasy 13 millerite 3
ff13 clay ring 3
eidolons in ff13 3
ff13 upgrades 3
ff13 upgradeing 2
rise of the eldrazi spoiler 2
ff13 upgrade faq 2
ff13 dismantle 2
rise of the eldrazi planswalkers 2
ff 13 upgrade 2
eldrazi overpowered? 2
upgrading weapons ff13 2
chipped fang “wicked fang” 2
ff13 accessory upgrade 2
hoverbike gatling gun 2
ff13 how many turbojet vidofnir 2
sarkhan in rise of eldrazi 1
rise of the eldrazi gideon 1
upgrade weapons ff13 1
ff13 upgrade weapons faq 1
final fantasy hoverbike gatling gun 1
ff13, weapon upgrade 1
how to upgrade weapons ff13 1
rise of eldrazi gideon planeswalker 1
ff 13 accessory upgrades 1
summer wars online english sub 1
how to use eidolons final fantasy 13 1
how to beat lightening eidolons 1
planeswalkers in rise of eldrazi 1
rise of eldrazi booster pictures 1
ff13 weapon ugrades 1
clay ring ff13 1
ff13 upgrade accessories weapons 1
wladislaus final fantasy 13 1
ff13 weapons how to upgrade 1
new rise of the eldrazi planes walker 1
ff13 when to upgrade weapons 1
ff13 info 1
analog circuit ff13 1
enigmatic fluid ff13 1
how to get clay rings in ff13 1
royal armlet star upgrades ff13 1
ff13 xp of ferroelectric film 1
radial bearing ff13 1
ff13 upgrade champions badge 1

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