ff13 exeunt

While I have to say the ending was a little disappointing, overall, the game was:

It’s nice that you also get a save after the credits roll so that you don’t have to hope that you still have a save from before the point of no return when you’re in the last dungeon of the game. There’s also a little surprise after you beat the last boss, such that you would expect to get another save, but I won’t go any further in case you want to find out yourself. In any case, now I’ll be in the end game, getting ultimate weapons and beating Cie’th stones. I already found a mark that can do 5k damage to my whole party in one attack. That one will be fun…

Another thing I’ll have to do is see everyone’s summons… I never really used my summons at all throughout the game- I never had to :/ even on the last boss, once I figured out approximately what percentage of health I needed to have to not die, I was mostly able to just shift comps to maximize my damage while keeping myself alive. Well, the last form gave me some trouble because, with Lightning as my party leader, he was shooting her for more health than she has at max, which Game Over’d me 3 times in a row. That was super obnoxious. However, I checked out some FAQs and they don’t even both mentioning that attack (it’s called Kaleidoscope-something, FYI, Blast or Beam or something similar), so I figure either the authors outleveled the fight severely, or I was just playing more recklessly than they were. Sure enough, if I went a little on the conservative side (Combat Clinic, equip stuff like Imperial Armor and Diamond Bangle), I didn’t even feel the attack.

Anyway, from here on out I’ll be trying to update my Items FAQ for the most part. If you’re playing FF13 as well, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!


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