omamori himari 11

"Let's grab the first book and flip to a random page and ZOMG POWER UP!!!"

So in general I’ve been very impressed with the animation done for Omamori Himari. Yeah, there’s an overload of fan service, but the characters are crisp and there aren’t shortcuts or irregularities visible on the surface. However, I don’t know how they chose how to adapt from the manga, but it feels like the main characters are all completely moronic and have no sense of common sense or basic strategy.

In the screen I captured above, male protagonist Amakawa Yuuto felt the weight of his battle ineffectiveness and decides to do something about it. What action did he take, does ye ask? He picks up a random book from the piles, flips to a random page, and starts reading it. All the other characters look at him in awe like “Wow, that totally won’t work at all, but you seem so determined we don’t want to knock you off your cloud.” This ain’t Diablo 1, fool.

Then there are the fight scenes with Tamamo-no-Mae and Shuten-douji. When they’re first introduced, everyone gets beaten to a pulp and Himari almost gets eaten, but Tama is all like “you’re not ripe yet” and they leave. Normally this would set off bells in a normal person’s thought process, like “hmm, she wants to eat me after I power up some more.” So naturally, Himari’s first course of action next time they’re attacked is to jump right for her and slash with her sword ineffectually. She even goes into berserker mode and still fails to even scratch her, and the whole party gets demolished against only Tama. SO THEN, she’s alone at the lakeside later and gets attacked by both Tama and Shuten-douji and hey, what does she do? Jump at Tama with her sword. Because the last time we fought 4 hours ago, that was so effective. Hey, what was her goal again? To eat me after I go Super Saiyan? Hmm, well, thinking is too hard so I’ll just go berserker mode and attack you again, even though EVERYONE tells me not to and it was completely useless last time. Good job, dumbass.

I really like the manga, but the storywriters for the anime are apparently just pulling stuff from their asses rather than going from what the original story was about. I guess they think their story is better than the original author’s who was the one who wrote something that became popular in the first place. Well done.

In other news, To Aru Kagaku no Railgun is over now too :( I’ll be watching the finale now.

The dorm mistress is pretty harsh, eh.


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