man, i hate this guy so much

He’s just like Vaan from FF12, except, instead of being tricked into thinking one of the other main characters is evil, he’s just a dumbass with no sense of logical reasoning. They’re both effeminate whiny bitches, though. I also hate that Lightning is softening up to him… at least in Chapter 5 she seems to be catching on that he’s crazy and stupid.

He needs to get in one of those Dreadnoughts again, but instead of jumping out before it explodes, his foot gets stuck under the accelerator or something. Maybe his seatbelt doesn’t release. Both would be cool and I would welcome it gladly!

Seriously though, I’ve never wished a character would die until this game. I guess games really are evolving.


3 thoughts on “man, i hate this guy so much

  1. I hear since he gets all of the best spells via crystarium and is an awesome synergist he makes for one of the best party members :P
    making him one of the best spell casters end game haha ( you can’t get rid of him! )

  2. Eh, he’s not that great of a synergist right now. I’ve got stage 3 unlocked, and all he gives me is protect, shell, and element resists. I much prefer the Sazh/Vanille combo with Faith/Vigilance/Brave and debuffs.

    But yeah, Hope has some badass Ravager spells right now, Fira and Quake. Too bad Quake uses TP…

  3. Matt, I heard you were “sick” on Tuesday to go get FF13 and you are still behind Chi, what do you have to say for yourself?

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