lucifer? biscuit hammer? quoi?

Don't flip skirts. Girls will punch you. By the way, you read this right to left.

So I’ve been seeing new chapters for this manga often, The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer; apparently no one was scanlating it, so a group caught up. I thought it sounded dumb and never read the description. The description wasn’t all that interesting either. However, I read the first chapter, and now I’m a fan. It’s exactly the kind of story and setting I love, something like To Aru Majutsu no Index or Nyan Koi, where the main character happens upon something incredible but just wants to go about his life normally. I’m forecasting this next statement, but I’ll bet this guy will keep trying to live life normally but it’ll get crazier as each day passes. Should be interesting!

Ok, somehow this just got more awesome. The female lead is going to save the world from a giant space hammer so that she can destroy the planet herself. NEED MOAR.

Update: I’m on chapter 12 now, and this story is much more mature than I thought it would be. Nothing dire or shocking, but like, I recently watched the Kanon anime. It starts as a light-comedy romance/harem, but it gets distressingly serious after a while, which I suppose is how visual novels work. I’m getting the same vibe from this manga, although it’s continuing down the path of ridiculousness for now. I’m certainly hooked.


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