influenced by bakuman?

So I read a lot of manga. I recently read all of Bleach up to the last manga-based arc in the anime, just to see if there were any differences or anything. I noticed that Tite Kubo’s style gets a lot cleaner and more “professional” looking as time goes on, but I still prefer his old style more- it looked more like a comic with the bolder appendages and lips and stuff, a little more “outrageous,” as it were, which I found to be more appealing.

I’ve also been reading Bakuman, which is about 2 high schoolers trying to break into the anime industry. While I don’t know if the industry is really as described in this manga, I think it’s probably close enough to be applied to real life. So, I look at Bleach and I think “Wow, it really turned into a straight-up battle manga.” That’s not necessarily a bad thing. People running around with swords and special moves and sweet-looking transformations is very entertaining. I just also miss the gags from earlier in the series when the characters were just at school and going about their everyday lives.

Personally, I enjoy the slice-of-life genre more than the fighting/adventure genres. I’m a sucker for culture (after hating social studies and anything to do with it during grade school), and I enjoy reading about adventurous school days or grocery shopping trips or getting over fevers and colds. I think I’m such a fan because everyday life in Japan is so subtly different from that in the US, or at least in the areas where I grew up and now live.


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