Holy crap, Durarara!! is getting a new anime!!! Not sure how accurate the ANN article is, and being unfamiliar with the light novels doesn’t help, but it sounds like the continuation is going to be set half a year after the events of the first series, meaning a proper continuation and not a reboot :D

DRRR is one of my favorite anime; a collection of stories about connected people living their complicated lives as they interact with and impact the other characters and how their involvements with each other cause ripples in a grand scheme of epic proportions. I’m a big fan of convergences, something that the Malazan Book of the Fallen series has caused me to recognize. Durarara (and the Baccano! anime before it) has some very well-written converging storylines, but in mystery/puzzle form rather than adventure as in Malazan. Anyway, I’m very excited to find this out and am very eager to learn when it will be airing :)

lol, ignorance…

So I found out today that someone linked my blog on the D-Frag! wikia since I wrote a post about how Takao had a cameo in the TWGOK anime. Since I’m a D-Frag! enthusiast, I figured I would contribute a bit to their wiki. I added a Voice Actor tag to their Template:Character, went through on grammar/spelling/wiki-code patrol on a couple pages too. Then I went to the front page and, wow, it’s… kind of eye cancer. So, since it wasn’t protected, I went to edit it. Took me a good hour to figure out what was wrong with their code, so I fixed it, moved around some code bits so that there were actually 2 columns instead of some wonky DIV tags pretending there were two columns. Got rid of most of the whitespace, overall made it look a bit tighter, got rid of code that wasn’t doing anything, etc.

Then, 3 minutes later, one of the admins reverts my changes and locks the page.


Well. I guess their plea of “Please help by editing” only applies to people who have zero aesthetic sense. I mean, hey, I’m a pretty big wig over on the PAD wiki, adminship and all, I can’t possibly know what I’m doing…


This does save me the effort of wasting even more time editing wikis, so I suppose I should be thankful?

aos 14 – t.a.h.i.t.i.

Agents of SHIELD 14

Regarding the first 13 episodes of Agents of SHIELD, I enjoyed them and liked the series, it kept me interested enough to keep watching, but I never felt a need to really express that beyond casual conversation. Episode 14, though, really propelled the series beyond my reticence.

Spoilers if you aren’t caught up, be warned!

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